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Weekly Highlights:

May 16, 2023

Tuesday Weekly Highlights!

Next Potluck Sunday - June 4, 10:30 AM

Please mark your calendars for our next Monthly Collective Gathering & Potluck on Sunday, June 4!  This is the one Sunday a month that we all gather together. We plan to begin worship at 10:30 AM and will transition to lunch at 12:00 pm. Please bring a dish to share. If you are unable to do so, please plan to help with clean-up!

Worship Equipping Weekend - June 16 & 17

We will be having a weekend of teaching & equipping centered around ministering to the Lord on June 16 & 17. More details to come!

Teaching from May 7

You can listen to the announcements, updates, and teaching from March 5 through Apple Podcasts or here.

Prayer for Togo

Sunday, May 7, we were honored to have Dosseh Takpale, a friend from Togo joints for our 1st Sunday Gathering. He is a church-planter with a heart for West Africa and oversees churches in five countries there. During lunch, Dosseh shared a little about the training institute in the capitol city of Lome that helps train and send workers to go reach people with the gospel, disciple them and plant new churches.


This region of West Africa sits on the edge of the 1040 Window, and is among the least reached in the world. Some nations there have less that .15% of people who claim to be followers of Jesus. Let’s adopt our friend Dosseh in prayer, and ask God to pour out His Spirit on the church there. There are three young men waiting to be sent out from the institute. As we pray for Dosseh, would you also commit to pray for these three men? Their names are Gentille Dibalbe, David Tamessi, and Roi Paul.


Please pray for grace and boldness as they share the good news of Jesus in the region. Thank you!

- Brad 

Prayer Apps:

If you'd like to engage with prayer & the Word more consistently, we recommend these two apps from 24/7 Prayer:


Lectio App

Lectio for Families App

Summer in the Grove 2023

We are officially bringing back Summer in the Grove this year! Please be praying for Katy, Brad, Jared, and Luke as we prepare to lead the students and recent grads who will be joining us for the summer. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of Summer in the Grove, talk to Katy!

Teaching from March 5

You can listen to the announcements, updates, and teaching from March 5 here.

Recording from Feb 5 Gathering

Brad's teaching can be accessed here​. You can also listen to Jim Kilmartin's prophetic word for our church family from Jan 7 here. 

Nehemiah Ch. 4 Questions from Sunday, Feb 5

  1. Verse 2: Who are and what are the burnt stones around me Or in me? 

  2. Verse 7: Where are the places where the walls need to be restored and where are the places where there are gaps?   (See Prov. 25:28) 

  3. Verse 9: Is there rubbish that needs to be removed (anything draining my energy and focus)? 

  4. Verse 13: How and where are you positioning me in this moment? How are you positioning us? 

  5. Verse 23: Where am I making space to be purified/washed in the midst of what God is doing?

Malawi Prayer Commitment

As a community we have committed to pray for each farmer that is working with Farming God's Way in Fuleti. Please sign up to commit to pray for 1-3 farmers in Fuleti via this google doc.


Here is the video of Dickson that we tried to watch together, along with the google doc to sign-up to commit to pray for specific farmers! Info on giving financially is below.



If you haven't yet, please read the letter from Jessie below. 

Dear AOX Family,


Fuleti has been a place that we have been investing in for the long term. It has been seven years since we sent a team and have and partnered with Dickson Shuwali with “Farming God’s Way”. We get to celebrate in the many obstacles that have been overcome over the years, including traditional mindsets that have been slowly changing. They especially have much to celebrate in the realm of growing vegetables. The headman has given the farmers his own plot of land near the river to do this and you can see some of the photos of their success! 


They have faced floods, droughts, bug infestations, and crop rot - to name of few - and yet continue on! A current obstacle they are figuring out how to overcome is “communal grazing”. In short, there is a village law that allows any animal free access to your fields after harvest. There’s not much grass for livestock. The difficulty is that the farmers Dickson is training use any leftovers from their harvest as ground covering for the next year’s crop. (ex corn stalks) This ground covering provides protection from heat, floods, growing healthy bacteria in the soil. They can’t properly farm without it. And they need to find ways to defend it and protect it when there isn’t a law to do so.


Because of the communal grazing occurring, which particularly affects their maize fields, they have asked us for help again with seeds. This may not be the only year they struggle with this, but we want to stand by them in their process. They have asked us to support them with maize and maize seed again this year. They have also asked for vegetable seeds, not because they have failed with the vegetables, but because it is doing so well. They would like to plant more of a variety.


We have already asked our church community to pray into what we can each give towards sending out 5 apprentices to work under Dickson. There will also be future conversations about providing a well and clean drinking water for them. For the immediate future, they are in need of food and more seeds (as the planting season already began months ago). They have planted what seeds they had and are just waiting for rain. It’s going to cost $3036 to meet their request for the 70 farmers under Dickson. Please ask the Lord if He would like you to give and if so, how much. We would love to send the money to them by Thanksgiving and give thanks for all the Lord has blessed us with.


 You can give via (please choose Malawi Fund) or on cashapp ($aoxnow) and put “Malawi” in the memo.


As you pray about if and what you can give, we invite you to meditate on 2 Corinthians 8:14-15 (below). May the Lord remind and convict us that we are all One Body in Christ, even across national and cultural lines.


    At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, 

    so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. 

    The goal is equality, as it is written: “The one who gathered much

     did not have too much, and the one who gathered little 

     did not have too little.”



Much thanks,

Jessie Woodard

Announcements from Family Brunch - 8/29/21

Ongoing Rhythms

Simple Churches - We have a few groups of 3-12 people that meet weekly or biweekly & have committed to intentionally follow Jesus together, as a small expression of Church.  These groups meet in various homes, parks, etc. & typically include an expression of worship, digging into the Word, and fellowship with each other.

Sunday Mornings - see below for more info! This is not intended to be a Sunday morning service that we encourage everyone in our spiritual family to attend! It is simply one expression of many.

Worship & Prayer Room - The prayer room at the HUB is open for worship & prayer Wednesdays from 7:30-9 AM. We are also committed to hosting quarterly Weekends of Worship & Prayer, along with Monthly Worship Nights!

Monthly Family Brunch - The last Sunday of the Month, we meet at the Hub for brunch, worship, announcements, & a teaching.

Life in the Grove // Equipping - see above for more info! 

Sundays Gatherings

We have been in a season where our emphasis as a church has been in following Jesus in small groups of 3-5 people. While we are continuing to encourage people in this discipline as an integral part of being the church together, we are also looking forward to launching a fresh Sunday morning expression of church that will provide an on-ramp for college students and people from the Grove City community to encounter God together.

Communication Updates

We want to improve the clarity of our communication by providing a consistent place for you to access announcement information. We are maintaining the homepage with a simple new format: Weekly Rhythms (What's happening now), and Mark your Calendar (What's Next).

We will also  be updating this announcements page regularly with items that we discuss in our group gatherings to ensure that everyone has a common and consistent location that they can access to get on the same page. 

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