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W e l c o m e   P a r t n e r s

We are so grateful for the way that God has connected us together.  The mission that He has put in our hearts is to make disciples, plant simple expressions of church in the places that people live life, and to release sons and daughters of the King to impact every sphere of society for the Glory of God.  Together we are making a difference in this generation!  Here, you will find articles related to partnering as well as stories of what God is doing in the lives of the people that you are investing in.  We pray that these  "fruit reports" will encourage you as they have done for our team.  Thank you for joining us.  We believe that we will see this generation transformed by God's love.  

E n d o r s e m e n t s   f r o m   O u r   P a r t n e r s

Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."  To disciple nations requires that we equip believers and send them out.  Pursuing the Seven Mountain Mandate, AOX, under the leadership of Brad and Adriane McKoy, is doing just that.  We have partnered with Brad and Adriane for the last four years because we share in their value of equipping and sending disciples into the harvest.

Nick and Trudi Manzo
AIM Ministers
Lower Burrell, PA

A r t i c l e s

F r u i t   R e p o r  t 

by Brad McKoy - December 2012

I know that people financially support missions for a host of different reasons, but a recent discussion about Return On Investment with one of our very first partners gave me a fresh perspective.  This partner happens to be part of a management team for a large company and I learned a lot from our conversation.  I wanted to pass along some of the highlights of that very interesting discussion about AOX and ROI.

#1. Faithfulness to Mission
As we discussed what had gone on throughout 2012, my partner asked me to tell him our mission statement.  He then went through and helped connect each highlight from the year to a specific part of our mission.  In his estimation, we were following through with what we had said we were going to do.

#2. Building Long Term Fruitfulness
This partner has been financially supporting our mission for nearly four years.  Originally we asked for people to partner with us to help train students to live like missionaries on their campuses and beyond.  With the first wave of students that we have trained now exiting the campus, we are able to observe how our investment in students is beginning to impact cities and nations.  Our goal of seeing fruit that remains seems more promising than ever.

#3. Low Cost Reproduction
Because our model of ministry is primarily based on equipping people to go into missions as tent-makers, we are able to be efficient financially.  My partner commented that he likes investing in AOX because we are preparing people to live out missions in the workplace and that means we are not paying every "missionary" a pastor's salary.  This helps us invest in getting the gospel into the places where people live life.

Why I Moved to Grove City
by Carl Catedral - December 2012






I moved to Grove City, PA in January 2011, a semester after I graduated from Arizona State University. I moved to develop a prayer and mission base that would impact the campus, the marketplace, and the nations.  While in college, God used amazing mentors and ministries to dynamically transform my life. Thus, I had a strong desire to leave a lasting impact on college students, so they could be set up for what happened beyond the university setting. Helping launch AOX has been a significant step in fulfilling this desire - it has given me the opportunity to be a part of a church community dedicated to not only equipping students to impact and love their campus well, but also to prepare them to live out their God-driven dreams and impact every sphere of society for the glory of God.

While coming to Grove City has allowed me to help set up infrastructure to equip and prepare college students for life after college, God has used the AOX community to bring healing to my heart and help me discover my own God-given gifts and passions. Now, I have been sent me out to see the wisdom and creativity of God impact the marketplace in innovative and powerful ways through Kingdom entrepreneurship. More than that, I know that I have a spiritual family who will support me in success or failure and will celebrate with me in seeing God's purpose in my life unfold. Now, I am living in Champaign, IL and recently married my lovely wife, Lydia, in January 2013.  Two years after moving to Grove City, I see how God used this community to further transform my life and prepare me to not only be an entrepreneur and ministry leader, but to be a good son, friend, and now husband!

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