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As a local church, AOX is overseen by a leadership team that functions as elders within our community.  This team helps to provide oversight to our Grove City community and to the simple church communities that relate to AOX.  The goal of our leadership team is to create a culture where followers of Jesus are discipled and released to impact their world as they live out of the overflow of their relationship with Jesus.

Brad & Adriane McKoy - Senior Leaders

Brad & Adriane live out of a heart to see generations transformed by love as sons and daughters of the King are released into their destinies.   They are passionate about seeing God's presence shift atmospheres and people encounter the freedom of Jesus in every part of their lives.  After spending over a decade pastoring and church planting, in 2009 the McKoy's began to focus on raising up young leaders.  They were a part of the founding elder team of SCPx, a spiritual family of student church planters and mentors.  They have been married for 15 years and reside in Grove City, PA with their amazing 6 yr. old daughter Abigail.

Follow Brad & Adriane on Twitter @bradmckoy & @adrianemckoy

Gabe Gordon - Discipleship and Prayer

Gabe graduated from Geneva College in 2008 with a degree in business, but instead of entering the marketplace felt the Lord directing him toward campus ministry. For the last four years Gabe has dedicated himself to discipling and raising up the next generation of Daniels who will stand for righteousness in the face of great cultural and societal pressure. Gabe is also extremely passionate about seeing reconciliation between men and women within the body of Christ.

In his spare time, he loves outdoor adventures that include hiking and mountain biking, upcycling, wheatgrass juicing, and starting then quitting a million other hobbies.

Follow Gabe on Twitter @agabegordon

Jessie Marquis - Director of Training

Jessie is a graduate of Geneva College with a particular heart for different cultures including international students/native americans.  She has served overseas teaching and training rural pastors in Malawi and Mozambique until God had placed in her heart in 2009 to be based in the US as a church planting trainer and be one who would help facilitate and lead young people into worship and intimacy with God, releasing and supporting them as they gained a heart for the nations. She enjoys sunrises and sunsets, a little bit of adventure every now and then, spontaneity, and being given piggy-back rides.

Follow Jessie on Twitter @jessiemarquis

Carl Catedral - Director of Creative Entrepreneurship

Carl graduated from Arizona State University in 2010.  He is passionate about the creative process and helping people tap into their God-given creativity.  Carl has a heart to impact the marketplace by using his consulting business to serve local merchants.  He recently relocated to Champaign, Illinois where his new bride, Lydia is attending Grad School.  He enjoys frozen treats, watching TedTalks, and playing kickball.

Follow Carl on Twitter @carlcatedral

Jim & Jan Erb - Overseers

Jim & Jan are two life loving people who carry contagious joy and peace into each room and place they enter.  They began Antioch International Ministries, which is a network of churches, ministries, and ministers who are joining together for the blessing of fellowship in Christ and for our mutual benefit and encouragement, and for the blessing of spiritual covering and support.  

Follow Jim on Twitter @erbisms

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