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S i m p l e   C h u r c h e s

This page is to help provide information on the simple churches that make AOX.  Eventually, we would like to use this page as a way to help people find out more about the different simple churches.  It will also provide a way for the simple churches to keep track with what is happening with each other.  For now, we are posting the names and emails of the contact people from each of the current simple churches.  Please give feedback on what would make this page beneficial.

Current Simple Churches

Simple Church at Brad & Adriane's House (Grove City, PA)

Meeting on Sundays at 6 PM

Brad McKoy -

Simple Church at Gabe's House (Grove City, PA)

Meeting on Sundays at 6:30 PM
Gabe Gordon -

Simple Church at David's House (Grove City, PA)

Meeting on Saturday Mornings

David Wade -

Simple Church at Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA)

Meeting on Mondays at 6:30 PM

Lora Williams -

Simple Church at Tim's House (Grove City, PA)

Meeting on Tuesdays at 7 PM

Jessie Marquis -

Simple Church at Mark & Cori's House (Ellwood City, PA)

Meeting on Fridays at 7 PM

Cori DeRoza -

What is "simple church"?

The phrase "simple church" means many different things to different people.  For us, it helps describe the way that we are committed to do church.  These simple churches are typically made up of 3 to 15 people, and usually meet in the places that people live life. While the simple churches remain connected to our larger spiritual family, each one has the capacity of functioning as a biblically authentic expression of the church.

Simple churches are not typically led by trained clergy men, but by "ordinary" followers of Jesus that are committed to following Him and His Word.  The core team of AOX is committed to train and equip these leaders to lead healthy expressions of the church that are focused on three things:

1. Love God and have a relationship with Him that changes our lives on a daily basis.
2. Love each other in a way that the world recognizes that we belong to Jesus.
3. Love people who don't know Jesus and engage them with the gospel in the places they do life.

We do not believe that simple church is the only right way of doing church, or even that it is the "next big thing".  It is simply the best way we know how to follow Jesus, make disciples, and equip others to do the same.


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