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Extended Family

​Family is extremely important to us.  We believe that we were made to live life together in a way that protects and honors those we are connected to.  We want to care for one another in love. Just like the family you are born into has immediate family and extended family, so do we.  So, we would like for you to meet our extended family.  

While we are committed to being a life giving part to the body of Christ as a whole, here is a look at some of the relationships that we are most closely connected with and committed to.

Students, recent grads and mentors from around the country gathered in Grove City for a SCPx family reunion.

Antioch International Ministries (AIM) is a network of churches and ministries overseen by Jim and Jan Erb. AIM provides oversight and covering to AOX and over 40 other ministries.  As a part of AIM, we are committed to the life and health of this part of our family.  

What started as missions training school for college students has grown into a spiritual family of students, recent grads and new disciples.  AOX serves as a hub for the SCPx family, a geographical base for training, sending and serving students and recent grads across the nation and around the world.

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