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N a m e :  C a r l   C a t e d r a l

​B u s i n e s s :   C a t e d r a l   C o n s u l t i n g

O c c u p a t i o n :  C r e a t i v e   C o n s u l t a n t

​H o m e t o w n :   P h o e n i x ,   A r i z o n a

​C u r r e n t   C i t y:   C h a m p a i g n ,   I l l i n o i s



"Having a community that encouraged and supported me to pursue my God-given dreams has been instrumental in giving me the courage to start my own business."

Carl's Story

I moved to Grove City, PA in January 2011, a semester after I graduated from Arizona State University. I moved to develop a prayer and mission base that would impact the campus, the marketplace, and the nations.  God has used the AOX community to bring healing to my heart and help me discover my own God-given gifts and passions. Now, I have been sent out to see the wisdom and creativity of God impact the marketplace in innovative and powerful ways through Kingdom entrepreneurship. I know that I have a spiritual family who will support me in success or failure and will celebrate with me as God's purpose in my life unfolds. Two years after moving to Grove City, I see how God used this community to further transform my life and prepare me to not only be an entrepreneur and ministry leader, but to be a good son, friend, and now husband!

In AOX, we talk a lot about tangible ways we can impact our local community.  Having a group of people who are passionate about making ideas of doing good a reality helped me to overcome my insecurities and take a leap knowing that we were all similarly passionate about positively impacting our local community. AOX has always valued individuals and valued people's stories.  These values have overflowed into my own work as a branding and social media consultant as I strive to share the unique and powerful stories of the individuals I work with. I am thankful to AOX for providing me with mentorship in developing my business and for providing a platform to connect with local merchants.  The connections AOX made for me because of their position in the community gave me the trust of the merchants I worked with as I started my business.

How has the Hub impacted You?
Having a dedicated workplace to focus on work has helped to spark my creative process while creating a space for collaboration with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  This has been an invaluable resource that allows for increased synergy and productivity. 

The marketplace is seeking innovation and transformation.  God is raising up young entrepreneurs and business professionals to bring the creativity and wisdom of God into everyday life. The HUB is significant because it is providing an incubator space that allows young, aspiring entrepreneurs to be trained and equipped with not only business skills but with values and perspectives supported by loving family and friends who will be behind you in failure and success.

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