N a m e :  M i c a h   L i s t

​B u s i n e s s :  T h e   T O K   P r o j e c t

O c c u p a t i o n :  S o c i a l   E n t r e p r e n e u r

​H o m e t o w n :   B o w ,   N e w   H a m p s h i r e

​C u r r e n t   C i t y:   G r o v e   C i t y ,   P e n n s y l v a n i a



"I have been encouraged to pursue my entrepreneurial gift in line with kingdom principles to see the gospel spread in the marketplace."

Micah's Story

I came to Grove City from New Hampshire in 2008 to attend Grove City College. During that time I was introduced to Brad and the AOX team. I committed to be a part of AOX after coming back to Grove City after the summer of my junior year. The AOX community has been key in influencing my relationship with Jesus. I have learned what it means to find my identity as a son of God, and have found victory over many of the insecurities that I had for so long. I have learned about my own giftings and how important it is that I learn to walk confidently in them. I have been encouraged to pursue my entrepreneurial gift in line with kingdom principles to see the gospel spread in the marketplace.

I am the founder of a social enterprise called The TOK Project, which aims to make a dent in the global sex trafficking industry through artisan development, entrepreneurial training and product sale.  The community here at AOX has encouraged me every step of the way, from making the initial decision to start the TOK Project, to my everyday decisions about how to make the most out of the resources that God has blessed me with. AOX has provided me with an amazing network of talented people that I can collaborate with on a personal and professional level, and has been key in the promotion of The TOK Project to get us to the place we are at now.


How has the Hub impacted You?

When I decided to launch the Tok Project, one of my first hurdles was finding a physical space where my business could grow.  Even though my business was a small start-up, the thought of trying to accomplish my work goals without a place to work was daunting.

It has been incredible to have an office space in the hub dedicated to the development of my business. This space has been crucial for the development of our product and for the production process as well.  As I take the next steps in developing the Tok Project into a brand that will impact sex trafficking, it is helpful to have a space where I can execute my business plan.  Learn more about Micah's Company at www.tokproject.com

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