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Pray for Jared in Malawi

Hey friends, as many of you already know, this week I have the opportunity to travel to Malawi to do some documentary & missions work. I’m traveling with a friend of mine, Zenzo, who is a pastor in Boston who is originally from the city of Blantyre, Malawi. He will be leading worship at a crusade, speaking at his father’s church, and doing some worship/songwriting gatherings in a small village outside of the city with some Malawian worship leaders. Along with that, we’ll be visiting an organization that he is apart of that helps feed local children in this village. My role basically is to capture & film what happens, and help tell the story of what God is doing in Malawi. I’m really excited especially because of the cool connection between our community and the nation of Malawi. I’m asking for everyone to please keep us in prayer for three things: 


1. For the good news of Jesus to touch people’s lives, and for me personally to be able to tell that story in an authentic way. 

2. For more relationships/connections within Malawi. A lot of the worship gatherings we are doing are geared towards building relationships with people, to hopefully do more songwriting/equipping in Malawi in the future.

3. For health and safety! Obviously traveling internationally is not the easiest thing to do right now, it comes with a few concerns. Please pray for our health, as well as no complications regarding entry & exit to and from the country. 


Thank you all for being with me in this! 

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