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Life in the Grove (LitG)

Spring Schedule

Please choose either Thursday Evening (6:30-9:15 pm) OR Saturday Morning (9:15 AM - 12:00 PM). If you are unable to make your usual LitG group one week & need to join the other group, please communicate this ahead of time with Katy. We will also provide Zoom for those who are traveling, exposed to COVID, or sick as needed - if you need this, please also communicate it ahead of time so we can be prepared for you!


Feb 3 or 5

Feb 17 or 19

March 3 or 5

March 17 or 19 - Shared Life ebook

April 1st & 2nd - Prayer Walking Training w/ Mark Geppert from SEAPC - both Thursday Night & Saturday Morning Sections of LitG will be participating in this training instead of our usual time together! This is a two day training with other local churches.


Prayer Walking Training Schedule:

Friday (7PM - 9PM) - Worship & Training Session

Sat. (9AM - 11:30PM) - Worship & Training Session

LUNCH (on own)

Sat. (1PM - 4PM) - Training Session & Practice

Sat. (6PM - 8PM) - Testimonies and Prayer for Impartation


April 14 or 16

April 28 or 30

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