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Antioch represents one of the first communities to model what a New Testament missions sending base could look like.  The Jews at Antioch revolutionized the way the Gospel was shared by beginning to share it with the Gentiles.  The grace of God clearly empowered their community as Paul and Barnabas were commissioned and sent out to spread the Gospel to the nations. Together, they transformed world missions.


Overflow means that we live from the inside out.  We make it our aim to follow Jesus out of a healthy heart in natural and intentional everyday ways.  Abundant overflow comes out of healthy rhythms of life that can be reproduced and sustained no matter where a person may be.




Experiment parallels Pennsylvania history.  When William Penn established Pennsylvania, his prayer was that it would become "a holy experiment"  that would be a seed for the nations.  The very foundation of the state of Pennsylvania was to become a model for the nations to follow.  Our experiment is in crafting and developing a model for life and missions that can be reproduced and sustained for others to build upon as they go further.

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