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This section of our site is meant to provide an introduction for those who have heard about AOX and are interested in learning more. While we have tried to provide basic information throughout the site, it is our hope that this page will help you get to know us a bit more.  Please let us know if you have any specific questions by emailing us here.  Blessings and Thank you for stopping by. 

What is AOX?  This Video Might Help.

This video was made a few months after AOX formed to help explain the heart of what we are doing.  While some of the details could be updated, we think this video still provides a fun look at our heart to follow Jesus, love our neighbors and be sent out to go to the cities and nations where Jesus is sending us.

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We are... 

We are a spiritual family that is committed to:

          1. Loving God and following Him in everyday ways.

          2. Loving and building each other up.

          3. Loving and sharing life with those who don't know Jesus.

We are a local church made up of a growing number of "simple churches".  These small expressions of church meet in houses, parks and other places where people live life.  

We are a network of relationships that go beyond our geographical location.  As a network of simple churches, we are a part of a network of other ministries, missionairies and churches called Antioch International Ministries (AIM).  We are committed to serve AIM  to see the gospel spread in our region and around the world.

We are also a committed part of a spiritual family of college students, recent graduates and mentors called SCPx.  AOX was planted in Grove City to become a spiritual home base for students from our region and across the nation.  Our local community serves as a hub for SCPx to help love, train and send the gospel to campuses, cities and nations.  SCPx students from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Ohio, Arizona and Pennsylvania have participated in our summer training programs.


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