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Heart Behind the Weekend

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Overflow.  This is an important season of transition for our spiritual family, and I am excited by the way that God has worked out the timing and details of the weekend. Here is an overview of what we are believing for during our time together September 7-9.

To this point, 2018 has been a year of sending. It has been both hard and glorious to see many of the core members of our community transition away from Grove City. I can see God working both in the purposes and places where people are going, and also in the spaces that they are leaving behind. 


It has been awesome to see God bring new people into our church family, and to see more people stepping up to lead and serve within our community. Over the past several months, I have personally felt that the Lord has been calling me to be intentional to empower and make room for more people to exercise and grow in their giftings and to practice leading. I am excited by what I have seen happening so far, as people have stepped into increased responsibilities. I believe that we are getting ready to see God work in unprecedented ways in and around us.


As we come into the Overflow weekend, there are two specific things burning in my heart. First, it is important that as we head into this new season, we are setting aside time to earnestly seek the face of God. Ministering to the Lord together in set apart times of worship and prayer creates opportunity for us to draw close to God. In turn, it is His nature to draw close to those who seek Him. Without a doubt, the number one thing we can do to prepare our hearts for the coming season is to make it a priority to be with Him in His presence.


The second thing that I see heading into Overflow, is the opportunity to grow in relationship with some amazing, older elders. I am super humbled and blessed to have some very special friends coming to be with us over the weekend. These are trusted and committed friends and big brothers in the Lord to me. Together with their wives, these men have agreed to give oversight to my family and me. They have also expressed a desire to be intentional to grow in real relationship with our spiritual family.

I believe that making room to seek the Lord together and to be intentional about connecting with some seasoned Godly leaders, is an appropriate way to set ourselves apart as we head into this next season. Let's be praying that we will be ready for all that God wants to do during this Overflow weekend. 

I look forward to seeing all that God will do as we give ourselves to following Jesus together as family.

Love and Blessings,





Prayer & Worship

at Hub // 6:30 


Coffee w/ Guy

at Collage // 2:30

Prayer & Worship

at Hub // 6:30 


Worship & Potluck

at HUB // 10:30

Evening with Fathers and Mothers

at Hub // 6:00 ***

(Ordination Prayer for Gabe Gordon will also be a part of the evening.)

***If you are only able to prioritize one thing on the schedule, make it our Sunday evening time of worship and being with together with our special guests.

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