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"N o t   t h a t   I   s e e k   t h e   g i f t ,   b u t   I   s e e k   t h e   f r u i t   t h a t   a b o u n d s   t o   y o u r   a c c o u n t . "     P h i l   4 : 17 

Dear Friends,

On behalf of our leadership team, I would like to say thank you for deciding to become a part of our partner team.  We commit to faithfully steward your financial gift.  We are committed to seeing the gospel spread in this generation, as we disciple, equip and release young leaders to impact every sphere of society as they follow Jesus, make disciples and plant simple expressions of church in the places where people do life.

Together with other partners like you, we are making a difference in this generation. We pray that God will bless you as you give.  We look forward to sharing the fruit of what God is doing through your investment. Thank you again for joining together with us .


Brad McKoy

Senior Leader, The Antioch Overflow Experiment


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