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MESSY Discipleship: Pointing People to Jesus

Cultivating authentic and deep kingdom relationships is not always easy. In fact, it rarely is, but the good thing is that nothing worth having is easy. Jesus didn’t choose the elect of his day to be the ones that He chose to be in relationship with. The few He picked to be a part of His inner circle were tax collectors and fishermen who could definitely be challenging. Their relationship with Jesus was often times raw and messy, full of Him correcting them, having tough conversations(remember He called Peter Satan at one point), and challenging their thinking. Ultimately, however, it was the fact that He chose to pay the price to invest in them and be an example for them in the middle of their mess, that would eventually cause them to be the world changers we all read about in the Bible.

In this video, Brad McKoy and Guy Glass talk about the value of choosing to follow in Jesus’ example by choosing relationship over religion, and investing in those you are called to.

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