Family Reunion

A time for Connection, Conversations,
Communion and Fun.

September 9 - 12                         Grove City, PA

Your Invitation

A time for connection, conversations, communion and fun.

Hello Family and Friends,


As a little boy, one of the first songs that I remember learning was “I have decided to follow Jesus.” At the time, the concept seemed pretty simple, but I certainly didn’t understand all of the challenges that would come up on the journey through life. While, I believe that we will always be learning and growing in what it really means to follow Jesus, I am more convinced than ever that we were not created to do it alone. 


Loving one another is a theme that is repeated so often in the New Testament that it is easy to overlook. What if this idea is not just a sentimental one, but an essential part of the way that our Creator has designed us? And what if the good news about Jesus that so many need to hear, is most easily recognized by the way that the followers of Jesus love each other?


It is hard for me to believe that it has already been 10 years since a handful of friends committed to try to follow Jesus together in Grove City. After a lot of prayer and scripture reading, we recognized that what we were doing was church. After a while, we sensed that we should “make it official” and in April of 2011, the "Antioch Overflow Experiment” began. 


In many ways, the journey of AOX has looked very different than what we first imagined, but the quest to learn how to love God and follow Him in everyday ways and to love each other deeply remains at the core of our community. We still aim to disciple, equip and release sons and daughters of the King to impact their world for Jesus, and have been humbled to see God’s faithfulness in that process. Perhaps the greatest joy of the past 10 years is the many people that God has allowed us to connect with. 


From those who have come in and gone out of our Grove City community, to the many special connections that God has made with people across the U.S. and around the world, we are humbled to share in our Jesus journey with so many special parts of God’s family. Those relationships matter, and we want to be intentional about making space for them to grow. 


This is why we are we are excited to invite you to this year’s Family Reunion. 


From September 9-12, we will be taking time to come together to connect with God and each other. In the evenings, we will gather together to worship and share stories with each other. We will also have plenty of space to share meals with each other, pray together and play together. We would love to invite you to be a part of this time together.  


Included below is a schedule for the collective gatherings. If you can only make it to one thing, we are encouraging everyone to come on Saturday night for worship and a celebration of what we have seen God do over the past 10 years as a spiritual family. 


If you are able to come, please click the link below to register. Even if you are only coming for one day, this will help us be prepared.


Thank you so much and we hope to see you at the reunion!

Brad McKoy

Overseer, AOX


Since we are receiving our rights to an unshakeable kingdom we should be extremely thankful and offer God the purest worship that delights his heart as we lay down our lives in absolute surrender, filled with awe. For our God is a holy, devouring fire!

Hebrews 12:28-29


Hello Family,


I wanted to send a note about the family reunion. Tonight, we will be doing a campfire at our (McKoy) house, with time to connect, worship and some time with our friends, and we are blessed to have our friends Bill and Traci Vanderbush joining us tonight. There will be stuff for s’mores and some birthday cake to celebrate my mom, Marian's birthday. PLEASE BRING CAMP CHAIRS IF YOU HAVE THEM!

Please check the info below as Katy has updated the schedule for this weekend. Especially, check out the updates to the optional gatherings. We have also included a note about COVID. Please read it so we can all be on the same page for the weekend. Love and blessings!




There are two parts to the schedule and we invite you to be intentional in your approach to both parts. Below is a list of the collective gatherings with times and locations. These are set a part times for everyone to be able to come together.  


The other part of the schedule is where we can really grow deeper with each other. We want to help facilitate this by having times where the prayer room is open at the hub, and trying to help coordinate meet ups for shared meals as people are coming into town. But we invite you to own this part by being intentional to build connection with old friends and make new ones. 


Thursday at 6:30 at Promise Place // Welcome and Worship at the McKoys'


Friday at 6:30 PM at Old Pine  // Worship and stories around the fire. 


Saturday at 6:30 PM at Old Pine // AOX turns 10 stone pile celebration. 


Sunday at 10:30 AM at Old Pine // Worship, Word and Communion with meal together afterwards.

Other Optional Activities:


9-11 AM: Prayer Room Open (at the HUB)

10 AM: Farm Family Fun! Feeding & milking cows, picking apples, etc. at the Paxton Farm! Text Anna to join.


9-11 AM: Prayer Room Open (at the HUB)

11 AM: Men's Golf Outing - text Mike to join!

2:00 PM: Tie Dye Party at Old Pine - bring a white t-shirt! (Text Katy if you plan to come)

*if you would like to go to the prayer room at other times, please contact Katy!



Old Pine - 1175 E Pine St Ext  Grove City, PA 16127 (Dan & Steph McCloskey’s home)


Promise Place - 11 Irishtown Road Grove City, PA 16127 (Brad and Adriane’s home)


COVID Reminder

A quick reminder about Covid:


We are aware that Covid cases in our region have been increasing the last few weeks. We ask that if you (or your children) are sick with any covid-like symptoms, or have been exposed to Covid, & have not received a negative Covid test, please follow CDC guidelines & do not attend scheduled family reunion gatherings.  We know that there are many varying views on Covid within our spiritual family & ask that we all abide by this to respect and honor all of our community to the best of our abilities.