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R h y t h m s

          "And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near."  Heb. 10:25  (NLT)

S i m p l e   C h u r c h e s

Simple Churches are the primary way that we do church together.  We meet in houses, parks and other places where people live life.  These are more than a Bible Study or small group; they are the primary group of people that we are following Jesus with.  It is our hope that, as we follow Jesus and make new friends, new simple churches will grow as an extension of the existing ones.  This is a great way for the gospel to spread across a neighborhood, campus or city.  

Learn More about AOX Simple Churches

P r a y e r   R h y t h m s

We are committed to being a community of prayer.  While prayer is a part of our daily lives, we have set aside several times in our weeks when people from AOX get together to pray.  Our goal is that our collective prayer will be a catalyst for a grassroots prayer movement in our city.  We currently gather twice a week for collective prayer.  We meet on Wednesday mornings at the Hub at 8 AM for focused prayer for Grove City and our region.  We also meet at the Hub every Sunday at 6 PM for a time of corporate prayer.     Find Out More about AOX Prayer Rhythms

C o m m u n i t y   D i n n e r 

Because growing in our relationships with each other is an important part of the health of our church community, we have dinner together every Thursday evening at 6 PM.  These dinners are usually hosted in people's homes or at the Hub and are made up of people from the different AOX simple churches.  These gatherings are informal and vital to our ability to remain connected to each other as we follow Jesus.  Knowing that there is time to nurture our established relationships, we are free to reach out and build new relationships.           Find Out More about Community Dinners

L a r g e   G r o u p   G a t h e r i n g s

While meeting in our simple churches allow us to do church in natural environments where people live life in our community, we think it is important to also get together with all of our spiritual family.  The last Sunday of every month, we gather all of our simple churches together for a time of worship, teaching and celebration.  This is an important time of connecting with each other and remembering that we are a part of a larger spiritual family in the area.

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1 s t   S u n d a y   B r u n c h

Because our simple churches are such an important part of our church structure, we are setting aside time every month to make sure that we are pouring into simple church leaders and those in our community that have a heart to lead.  The 1st Sunday Brunch provides time for feedback from simple church leaders, worship and ongoing training.  Investment and Impartation are key values for this time together.  

​Find Out More about 1​​​​​st Sunday Brunch

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