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SEND Amy to HARVEST School

Pursuing BEST...

Thank you for taking time to learn about what is happening with my journey to Pemba, Mozambique for the Harvest School of Missions this summer. It means a lot that you would consider partnering with me. While the scope of what needs to happen over the next few weeks is pretty large, I have sensed the importance of trusting God a step at a time.

By God's grace and the generosity of a few friends and family, the tuition of $3,500 has been paid in full. YAY! I am now praying and believing for the funds to purchase the plane tickets and necessary visas ASAP. Would you partner with me by making a gift to help me reach this next goal?


If you would like to hear more of what God is doing, click on the link below to read a letter that I wrote this week. There is also some information about the school that I will be attending.

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering my request. This entire journey feels like a stretch of faith, but I know that I can trust God to provide for everything that He has in store for me.




The cost of airfare quote as of May 13th is just under $3,200 and we are working with a travel agent to determine what visa's are needed depending on travel route.

due Immediately

Future Phases

Phase 3 - Outreach & Insurance ($2000)

The cost of the outreach school in Wales is $1,200 and I must have that in cash when I go to Africa. We are working to find the best rates on required travel insurance.

due Friday, May 18th

Phase 4 - Cost for Expenses ($3000)

I am working to compile a list of all of the supplies and required materials for my trip to see what I can borrow. I also am including cost of expensives while I am away.

due Friday, May 25th

Total Goal of Phase 1- 4 is 12K 

Please note, we are working to gather the most accurate information that we can, as quickly as possible. Airfare prices may vary from day to day, and certain cost are contingent on securing transportation. We will update budget information as often as we can to make sure that it is current.

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