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O u r   S t r u c t u r e

One Church with Many Expressions

We are one church made up of a growing number of "simple churches."  We want to see the gospel spread as we follow Jesus, so we are committed to making disciples and starting new, simple expressions of church in places where people do life.  These new churches are not splits of the former ones; they are intentional plantings to see the gospel spread.

We value the life and identity of each simple church as a legitimate expression of a New Testament church.  We also recognize that collectively these expressions make up one church.

Leadership Structure

​AOX is overseen by a leadership team that functions as elders within our community.  Within this team, Brad and Adriane McKoy serve as Senior Leaders.  This team helps to provide oversight to our Grove City community and to the other simple churches that are connected to AOX.  The goal of our leadership team is to create a culture where followers of Jesus are discipled and released to impact their world while living out of the overflow of their relationship with Jesus.


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