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S u m m e r   i n   t h e   G r o v e

Summer in the Grove is a thirteen week internship where college students experience discipleship, evangelism, and facilitating simple expressions of church amongst those they encounter.  Students are encouraged to secure summer employment so that they may become part of the larger Grove City community as well.

Students learn to carry and represent the culture that Jesus demonstrated in  His everyday life in their everyday lives.   From their neighbors to their co-workers, students interact on a daily basis with people in Grove City, getting to practice authentically and intentionally sharing life and faith.  As students learn to take the risk of investing in others, they are also taught the importance of letting other interns invest in them through prayer, support, and encouragement.


The skills developed throughout this experience equip interns to be released back onto their campuses or into their workplaces with the confidence and ability to advance the kingdom in their everyday lives.



  • Develop personal and corporate rhythms of prayer and worship
  • Learn true identity as sons and daughters of the King
  • Develop whole hearts through vulnerability, inner-healing, and community
  • To be discipled into disciple making 
  • Gain training in hearing God’s voice for yourself and others
  • Be equipped in praying for the sick and other works of Jesus
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