following Jesus together...
We're pursuing a Jesus-Centered Life where we abide in Him, follow His teachings, and re-present Him clearly to those around us.
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Disciple, Equip and Release Sons and Daughters of the King
 to Impact Every Sphere of Society for the Glory of God.
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Love Deeply. Live Recognizably.
Our call to pursue a healthy, loving Christian community goes beyond our desire to belong to a nice church. It is rooted in the new command that Jesus gave His followers to love one another the way He loves so that the world would recognize that we belong to Him.
What We Believe About Community







Love God Extravagantly  

We aim to worship & love God with our whole hearts, encountering His perfect love until we become an encounter of love to others.

Love Each Other Deeply

As a family of believers, we want to love each other in a way that people recognize that we belong to Jesus, as we make disciples and raise up families to follow Him.

Love Our Neighbors & Live the Gospel Boldly

As those who have freely received God's salvation through Jesus, we will intentionally live our lives to share the power of the Good News with those who do not yet know Jesus.




Embracing Mission Everyday
Part of following Jesus together is intentionally living in a way that the Good News of His loves shines from our lives to impact our neighborhoods and the nations of the earth. We pray that God to lead us to hungry and hurting hearts so we can serve and share from what we have freely received.
How Can I Live on Mission Everyday?




Gathering Together


Part of following Jesus together is gathering together. Most of our "gathering" happens in the course of life as we share meals, grab coffee, go for walks or help each other with the regular activites of life. We also see the importance of having regular rhythms of meeting together. We do this through simple churches, and through our collective gatherings together.

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