Disciple, Equip and Release sons and daughters of the King to transform every sphere of society for the glory of God.




(Summer 2022)
Sundays // Corporate Prayer
Meet at the HUB (145 S Broad St, Grove City, PA) from 10:30 AM for corporate prayer (this is *not* a time of worship or teaching). As a church that values many various expression of what it means to be the Church & follow Jesus together, this corporate time primarily exists to serve as an "on ramp" for college students and others who are new to AOX. 

Wednesdays // Morning Worship & Prayer
The Prayer Room at the Hub is open from 7:30 - 9:00 AM for a time of musical prayer, devotional worship, and reflection.


Friday, August 26 // Monthly Worship Night

This is our monthly collective time of "Buying Oil" (Matthew 24) in Worship & Prayer together. 


Sunday, August 29, 10:30 AM // Family Lunch Potluck

This is the one Sunday a month that we all gather to share a meal along with worship & teaching. Sign-up here with your contribution or to volunteer to clean-up! *Text Steph if you have any questions! 

OUR DNA   //

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Loving God



We aim to worship & love God with our whole hearts, encountering His perfect love until we become an encounter of love to others.

Loving Each Other Deeply.

As a family of believers, we want to love each other in a way that people recognize that we belong to Jesus, as we make disciples and raise up families to follow Him. 


Loving Others

& Living the Gospel Boldly.

As those who have freely received God's salvation through Jesus, we will intentionally live our lives to share the power of the Good News with others.