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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the course of our journey together, several common questions come up from friends, family and other curious people.  We understand where these questions come from and why they exist.  On this page we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.  We hope you find this information helpful.  If you have any specific questions, please email us and we will do our best to answer them.


Is AOX a church?

Yes.  Church, in it's simplest, most essential form is any time God's presence is in the midst of two or three that gather in Jesus' Name (Matt. 18:20).  We definitely believe that AOX fits that description.  Beyond that definition, we believe that the Bible would classify a group of people that are following Jesus together, walking in committed relationships with each other, and reaching those who don't know Jesus as a church.  That was the heart of the Core Leadership Team that established AOX as a church and registered it as such with the state of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2011.


What are the goals of AOX?

Our Mission:  Discipling, equipping and releasing sons and daughters of the King to impact every sphere of society for the Glory of God.

Essential DNA:

1. Love God and have a relationship with Him that changes our lives on a daily basis.

2. Love each other in a way that the world recognizes that we belong to Jesus.

3. Love people who don't know Jesus and engage them with the gospel in the places they do life.





What is "simple church"?

The phrase "simple church" means many different things to different people.  For us, it helps describe the way that we are committed to do church.  These simple churches are typically made up of 3 to 15 people, and usually meet in the places that people live life.  While each of the simple churches remains connected to the larger spiritual family, each one has the capacity of functioning as a biblically authentic expression of the church.

Simple churches are not typically led by trained clergy men, but by "ordinary" followers of Jesus that are committed to following Jesus and His Word.  The core team of AOX is committed to train and equip these leaders to lead healthy expressions of the church that are focused on three things:

1. Love God and have a relationship with Him that changes our lives on a daily basis.
2. Love each other in a way that the world recognizes that we belong to Jesus.
3. Love people who don't know Jesus and engage them with the gospel in the places they do life.

We do not believe that simple church is the only right way of doing church, or even that it is the "next big thing".  It is simply the best way we know how to follow Jesus, make disciples, and equip others to do the same.


Is AOX under any biblical authority?

Yes.  A Core Leadership Team oversees AOX.  This team has committed to function as New Testament elders.  Leading this team are Brad and Adriane McKoy, who serve as Senior Leaders of AOX. They have been pastoring and church planting for over fifteen years.  

AOX is also a part of Antioch International Ministries (AIM), a network of churches, ministers and ministries based out of New Wilmington, PA.  AIM is led by Jim and Jan Erb, who give ongoing oversight to the AOX Core Leadership Team.  AIM provides accountability and covering for AOX and over 40 other ministries throughout the region and around the world.

Who can be a part of AOX?


Anyone.  While we do have a focus on reaching college students and equipping recent grads, we are actually made up of people from many different generations.  If you come to one of our gatherings you will probably see grandparents and children worshipping next to college students and young professionals.  We are not an exclusive club, but a picture of spiritual family.  In fact, we think that family is what the Apostle Paul said that church should be like.  We take that pretty seriously in the sense that we think anyone who follows Jesus should be a part of a church, and thus have a family.  Obviously, if we are following Jesus, then we are all a part of His Family.  That being said, a local church is like having a more "immediate" spiritual family.  

So if you are a part of another church family, you are welcome to come and participate in anything we do, but we want to encourage you to fully be a part of that church family.  We hope this doesn't come across as "exclusive" or "closed".  Our heart is to know who we are walking in close relationships with so we can steward them well.  When that happens, it helps us be able to focus on discipling, equipping and releasing people to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. 



What is AOX's view on the Holy Spirit and the gifts?

We are really passionate about recognizing the Person of the Holy Spirit as a part of the God-head and having God's character.  Unfortunately, due to many abuses of the Holy Spirit and the gifts that He brings, it seems that a large part of the body have grown wary of Him.  Many Christians are skeptical of anything having to do with the Holy Spirit.  We are convinced that when Jesus promised to send a Helper in John 14, it was because we need Him in order to truly follow Jesus.

While we certainly do not claim to be experts on the Holy Spirit, our conviction is that we will not allow the abuse of the Holy Spirit or of His gifts keep us from a vibrant pursuit of walking with Him, having His fruit show in our lives, and exercising every gift that the Scriptures teach us about.  


What is the Hub?

The Hub is the name of our building in downtown Grove City.  It serves as a physical location for our community to fulfill our call as a prayer and missions base.  Several young entrepreneurs have been provided with work space for their emerging start-ups in addition to training seminars held for local merchants. The Hub also provides space for corporate prayer, training and equipping for AOX.  For more information on the vision of the Hub,


How is AOX connected to SCPx?

AOX was planted as one part of a spiritual family of students, recent graduates and mentors that is now called SCPx.  SCPx (Student Church Planting Experience) was originally a missions school that focused on training students to live like missionaries on their campuses.  In 2009, Brad and Adriane McKoy joined together with Erik and Jen Fish and Dr. Pam Arlund to form a team of elders to provide oversight for what would become the SCPx family.  It was, in part, out of a commitment to the SCPx family that the dream for a "sending community" like AOX was formed in Brad's heart.  The initial leaders of AOX all share significant ties to the SCPx family.  

When AOX was birthed in 2011, it was with the intention that it would become a prototype for what an "Antioch Community" could look like within the SCPx family.  This connection was fleshed out even more with the establishment of the Hub in 2012.  The Hub provides a place for students and recent grads from the broader SCPx family to be trained, equipped and sent out from.  Part of the commitment of the Core Team of AOX is to provide on-going support and oversight to those who are sent out.


What is "Summer in the Grove"?

Summer in the Grove is a thirteen week internship where college students experience discipleship, evangelism, and facilitating simple expressions of church amongst those they encounter.  By securing summer employment, students also become part of the larger Grove City community.

Objectives Include: 
Personal and corporate rhythms of prayer and worship
Identity as sons and daughters of the King
Living out of confident and whole hearts
Discipling disciples
Training in hearing God’s voice 
Equipping in praying for the sick

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